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García Cámara en Chillventa 2014, Nuremberg.
lunes, 04 de agosto de 2014
Os esperamos amigos en la Feria de Chillventa en Nuremberg, Hall 4, Stand 4-528.

Condensadores CRH
viernes, 01 de agosto de 2014
Os presentamos algunas fotografías de nuestros últimos trabajos en García Cámara, la nueva gama de condensadores industriales CRH 800-910.

Ultimos trabajos García Cámara para el Mercado Ruso.
jueves, 31 de julio de 2014
En García Cámara os presentamos algunas fotografías recientes de nuestros trabajos para el mercado ruso para la empresa VHK en Vorónezh, Rusia.

Nuevo Drycooler García Cámara
jueves, 31 de julio de 2014
Nueva Gama de Drycoolers con ventiladores radiales, potencias desde 56 a 308 Kw.

A new breakthrough in the refrigerating sector.
lunes, 23 de junio de 2014
This week we present you a new important breakthrough in the field of industrial refrigerating system. In particular, this new discovery in the magnetic refrigeration would imply a new progress in an environmentally friendly use.
Recently, researchers from Canada and Bulgaria have been carrying out different tests referring to a compound called HoMn2O5. More in depth, this makes that magnetic substances called magnetocaloric materials act as a cooling substance. By using these we avoid dangerous and contaminants fluids, which is the tendency nowadays for a greener and healthier planet. This advantage coupled with the fact of the reduced and simplified size of the units would make it more efficient, compact and practical for the final consumer. In this context everyone wins. Likewise this research could open the door to new solutions of refrigeration instead of the traditional ways which we have in use nowadays.
The function of this process would be through the rotation of this compound, HoMn2O5 crystal, in a constant magnetic field around 10K, by 90ºC modifying its temperature, cooling or heating the ferromagnetic material according to the necessities. In addition, this compound presents two important benefits such as lack of corrosion and an important capacity to insulate according these scientists.
It goes without saying that the research is being developed on the basis of finding new equipment which might work at room temperature in order to discover new possibilities.
More information at:
Kioto Protocol in the European Union
miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014
We are back on the bandwagon again talking about the Kioto Protocol. This time, we want to mention an article which was published in the newspaper El País, last week about the reduction of emissions. This good news has been emitted by the EEA (European Environmental Agency).
Fortunately, the greenhouse gases decreased in 2012 in the European Union and this means we are on our way to meet the objectives fixed for 2020. Specifically, 8/% has been reduced globally by 15 European countries which agreed to this Protocol.
The Kioto agreement allows the countries to buy and sell greenhouse emission rights and not all the members of the EU made the same commitment. Likewise the countries can compensate among themselves by investing in a third country in sustainable technology. Spain is one of the countries, out of five, among Denmark, Italy, Austria...which exceeds this level. In particular, Spain was required to maintain this 15% and we are surpassed this level up to 23.7%. Definitely we have to recharge our batteries and get on our toes to decrease this alarming percentage to cut down on this rate.
Owing to this, the Spanish Government has had to buy emission credits from Poland up to 800 million € to make up for this. Logical as it may seem, we have reduced these level because of reduction of transport and industry due to the crisis. Even when penalty is required, sounds a bit contradictory and controversial but the root of the problem is still there. We will be aware of all the changes in this sector to inform you.
Commercial Mission to Chile
jueves, 05 de junio de 2014
Hi friends, this week we are one step ahead to inform you about one commercial activity that are going to happen between June and July this year.
In particular, Garcia Cámara is participating together with other companies in which the Spanish counterparts will have the opportunity to interact commercially with other countries such as Chile.
This is thanks to an initiative of AFEHC and ICEX which promote commercial relationships between countries, in this case with our Chilean colleagues.
More in depth, we are referring to some commercial deals between Spain and Latin America which have already joined the mission. Business in Chile is based on the mutual agreement and friendship between us.
Needless to say, Chile is a country with a vast outgoing potential and there are many products which are imported and competition is fierce. Likewise it is broadcasted a high increase in the consumption of the food industry in the near future.
Chile is at the moment, experiencing a growth and up and coming boost in the hotel and restaurant market due to the increase in tourism in the sector. As a statistic, Chile has not fallen behind in the increase of the refrigeration sector, in particular up to a 10% growth during recent years.
Spain contributes to the exportation to Chile of food and the duty barriers between us are becoming less severe. In particular, many Spanish products are considered high quality in Chile address to the gourmet public. This is due to the fact of the boom of the creative and personal cuisine which our country has to offer. At present, Spanish cooking is considered to be one of the best in the world.
Consequently, the equipment in the refrigeration sector has to be equaled and updated accordingly. Likewise is fundamental to modernize and supply the market with the latest state-of-the-art technology in order to meet the demand for new installations. Precisely this fact has motivated the appearance of new chances for other markets, like the Spanish niche. It is vital to remark that even more often the need for air-conditioning and refrigeration is higher. At the same time, customers would be offered more services and a high professional attention as well.
It is noted that recently was celebrated the last Edition of Expo Frio Calor in Chile, last 25 May, with the objective of presenting to the Chilean market the best integral solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning.
At the moment, the key point is to improve energy efficiency and to protect the environment, which is the tendency now in EU and USA is establishing new standard models which pursue these two measures yet. As can be expected, this has triggered off a strong concern to improve the cold chain.
In order to tackle this issue, the importance of the new technology would ease this renewal process of protecting the environment and reducing the energy expenditure which is the hard bone to chew with which all countries have to cope.
We must therefore to remain alert to all these changes and see what is happening in the short to medium term.

Nuevo selector online y descargable Garcia Cámara
jueves, 05 de junio de 2014
Estimados amigos, os informamos que ya tenemos disponible la versión online de nuestro selector de producto.

Asimismo ya tenemos actualizada la versión 1.12 ejecutable de nuestro software de selección.

Su funcionamiento es muy sencillo, en primer lugar deberemos descargar el software y ejecutarlo desde nuestro ordenador.

Después seleccionaremos el idioma, y si el equipo ha de hacer funciones de evaporador o condensador y a continuación el modelo.

Seguidamente potencia a buscar en W y no en Kw,  así como temperatura de cámara  y de evaporación o ambiente y condensación, así como gas a emplear.

En el caso de evaporadores, habremos de especificar la separación de aleta y si de condensadores se trata el nivel sonoro además.

Finalmente el selector mostrará los cuatro modelos más cercanos, acto seguido deberemos seleccionar el modelo deseado y se generará un pdf exportable con los datos técnicos.
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